Finding my voice

Why do I need to write about finding my voice? It’s not like I ever lost it, right? Physically, that’s true. Emotionally, I lost my voice when I was a preteen. There are so many women who need to find theirs, and my prayer is that maybe this can help in some tiny way on the way to finding YOUR voice.

My disclaimer : if I don’t manage to offend you in a post, I promise I’ll keep trying. 🙂 I’m writing for myself, and I’m writing to glorify Jesus. I’ve been called many things, including radical, conservative, patriot, stubborn, willfull, and addict (be careful about judging!)… and those are some of the nicer ones. I’m a daughter and a sister, and I’ve had a child (that story comes later.)I’ve been married more than once. My life hasn’t been easy, but then, whose has?

Maybe you’ll follow me on this journey. FB_IMG_1460555347439

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