I Am Unworthy….


Job went through so much, yet remained faithful to the Lord through it all. He lost his children, his wife, his home and all of his belongings; his livestock and his property. It’s really difficult to take in. To put it into perspective, can you imagine for a moment seeing it happen to someone like Donald Trump? He’s constantly in the media, a very public picture of wealth. So imagine – first, all of his children die in a fire, then he loses all of his properties and businesses. Gone; destroyed. His many homes and all of their contents are gone, and his wife (and ex’s) die. He is suddenly penniless and no one else will help him. He is reduced to homelessness, and he is shunned from all of the agencies and facilities that help the homeless. He has nothing except the clothes he is wearing.

Honestly, I can’t wrap my mind around it, and yet that is exactly what happened to Job. While he mourned for his losses, his “friends” urged him to renounce God…. but he refused. He knew God didn’t cause it and he knew that the source of the losses and the pain was the enemy, Satan.

Can we do that? So many times when tragedy strikes we immediately curse God for allowing it to happen. Losing a child is indescribable pain. God understands! Remember His Son? Imagine your pain multiplied by the total number of people who have lived, and are living, and will live before Jesus returns. That’s the amount of pain God suffered when Jesus went to the cross for our sins. God understands our suffering. ANY temptation, ANY pain we experience, He understands because He has suffered, and suffers with us still.

The one thing we need to remember as we go through our lives is that we are never alone. When we take the step to let Jesus into our hearts and be Lord of our lives, He has promised that He will never leave us or forsake us. We may lose battles along the road – we will lose battles! – but as followers of Jesus, we have WON the war! (Satan just hasn’t accepted his defeat yet.) Read the back of the Book!

I am unworthy, but Jesus came and covered my sins with His blood to wash me white as snow. He did it for you, too. You just need to accept it. Like the old hymn says, “What can wash my sins away? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.”


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