past participle: backslidden
  1. relapse into bad ways or error.
    “converted vegetarians backslide to T-bones”
    Synonyms: relapse, lapse, regress, weaken, lose one’s resolve, give in to temptation, go astray, leave the straight and narrow, fall off the wagon.

I grew up hearing the word in reference to church members, but the meaning didn’t really sink in until I was an adult. I realized that we, as humans, are constantly moving, and we are  either moving forward, or we are sliding back. Another phrase we’ve all heard is that life is an uphill battle. It’s true, and we are all backsliders.

We have our earliest ancestors, Adam and Eve, to thank for the initial difficulty of our life journey, but we have only ourselves to thank – or blame! – for whether we continue to move forward or slide back. Someone said that there is no standing still in life; that life is a slippery slope. You and I are constantly moving, and if we aren’t moving forward, then we are moving (sliding) back.

It’s so easy to slide. Moving forward is hard work, and sometimes it’s just too much. We need a break. Life is hard. It’s hard! Why do we have to struggle? Can’t we just take it easy for a change? I challenge you to take a hard look around you. Are you blessed, or are you hurting? Having so much fun that you can ignore the pain?

I did that. Alcohol, drugs, men, and the ggeographical”cure.” Only none of these are a cure. You can run, but you can’t hide. Maybe from people, but never from God. I know, because I tried for years to convince myself that I was able to handle my life just fine without Jesus being involved in it. I was a backslider. There wasn’t much going forward in all those years, and I can say from first hand experience that it doesn’t work very well. I can promise you a lot of pain until you figure it out.

I did have good times during those years, but I couldn’t hold on to them. My stinkin’ thinkin’ kept dragging me down. I wasn’t about to surrender to Christ and lose my good times! Sometimes I wonder how different my life would have been if I had listened to Him instead of the enemy. It was though my choices that I gave the enemy (i.e. Satan) control of my life, and that’s where we start that slide down. Occasionally I was able to pull my head out of the mud and get a glimpse of the Light, and I could pull myself up enough to start dragging myself forward. It didn’t last, couldn’t last, because I still wanted control.

I slid waaaaay back! I had lapses and relapses, regression, and became weaker and weaker spiritually because of it. Because of the prayers of my parents and family, there was a bottom to the slope. When I hit the bottom of that slippery slope, Jesus was there with His hands reaching out to help me up. It wasn’t easy for me to take His hands because I was still trying to stand on my own two feet. The mud of Satan’s lies and deceitfulness was – and is – too deep and slippery for that. I needed divine intervention. Only because of the help of Jesus Christ am I am able to stand up straight for a change. He carries my burdens and gives me a hand up, and
sometimes He picks me up and carries me. (Read the poem “Footprints in the Sand”) 

Jesus is standing with you on your slope of life, too, ready to lend a hand anytime you ask. Stubbornness, when it comes to Christ, is counterproductive to a peaceful and contented life. You may be  financially successful. You might have a beautiful family. You can have everything the earth has to offer but without Jesus Christ, your soul is empty.

Something to think about.


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