Oh, what a beautiful day the Lord has made!

It is written, ” ‘You can be sure that I live,’ says the Lord. ‘And you can be just as sure that every knee will bow down in front of me. Every tongue will tell the truth to God.’ ” (Isaiah 45:23) Rom 14:11

Men, please take this and the next verse to heart. If your women – wives, girlfriends, daughters, and mothers – were treated this way, can you imagine how much better our world would be? Understand, too, that the word “weaker” does NOT mean inferior, or less intelligent, or less important. 

“Husbands, take good care of your wives. They are weaker than you. So treat them with respect. Honor them as those who will share with you the gracious gift of life. Then nothing will stand in the way of your prayers.” 1 Peter 3:7

When you men treat us, the women in your lives, with courtesy and as if we are special, I can guarantee the results will be good! Try it and find out!

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