My Love Affair….. With Insomnia

Can’t sleep? Neither can I! Oh, why why WHY can’t I just fall asleep? 12:30am, 1:30am, 3:00am; the numbers just keep clicking past my eyes, mocking me. I am so tired. Before I lay down, I take my prescription sleep aid as instructed, a warm bath to soothe my bones, quiet bedroom, and warm milk with honey. Sleepy. (Lay head on pillow) Ugh. TOO quiet! “I lay me down to sleep, I pray for the Lord my soul to keep…” One potato, two potato, oh, remember how sweet Grandma’s root cellar always smelled? Like rich earth, and, ooh, french fries sound good. No, no, go to sleep! (Roll over) Ummmmm. I’ll count sheep. One, two, three…. I need to call tomorrow about that question I have. Wonder if I still have time to enter the fair contests? Yeah, I could make… Stop it! Stupid brain. (Roll to other side) Just stop it! My legs won’t hold still. Maybe an ice pack will help. (Get up and get ice pack; lie back down) Okay, think of soothing sounds, like a creek or the ocean. Great, now I need to pee. (Get up, then back to bed; dog gives me dirty look because I keep disturbing him) I’ll sing the old hymns. That should calm my mind. (Sings silently) Oh, wasn’t that funny when the dogs….

And on it goes. One well- meaning person said “Just shut it off and go to sleep.” Oh, that I could! Apparently I’m in love with Insomnia since I can’t seem to go to bed without him. (Frown)

Thank the Lord for coffee and caffeine!!

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