The Blessings of Christmas – Days 4, 5

I am empty. Stressed, frustrated, and feeling hopeless.

Christmas is such a beautiful season where we have the blessings and opportunities to celebrate our Saviour’s birth. I love this time, and I am very aware of how much I am blessed. So why am I empty at such a joyous time? Perhaps it is because I am so overwhelmed with the bills I am facing, realizing that there is no earthly way to meet the obligations that are past due. For the past 21 months, I have operated under the assumption that any day, I would receive a reasonable, physically doable job offer. I have resisted going back to retail due to some physical issues. To get by, I have relyed heavily on my credit card to cover me, and now the house of cards is tumbling. I have not been worrying and stressing, because I know that God teaches us not to. He is in control.

Pray for me.

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