I lost my Tigger today. He joined my Rascal and Sugar, and all the other companions I’ve had the privilege to take care of in my life.

He was the first of the feral cat colony I worked with in Oklahoma City who would come to me to be petted. When I moved to another part of the state, he was the first I brought inside to take with me. I got to bring his younger – and much bigger – brother with me as well. They adapted quickly to living indoors and being spoiled, but Tigger was never a really robust, healthy cat. I’m thankful that his brother Patrick is both. I’m glad I got to have given him what I hope was a good life. It makes me sad that he’s gone, but I’m happy he’s no longer sick.

R.I.P. Tigger 2010-2018

Tigger and Patrick

5 thoughts on “Loss

    1. I just read some of your blogs. Very insightful. As a survivor of both spousal rape and date rape, and adding in repeated spousal emotional and physical abuse, I agree that you are providing really good information to help others heal. Thank you for stepping up and stepping out.

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