JESUS, Friend of Sinners

Are you like the little girl, who, when asked if she would like Jesus in her heart, said No! I don’t want Him in my heart!” When we are young, we take words literally, and she thought it would be like in Alien, having something living in her and preparing to burst out of her chest. As adults, we know that isn’t what it means to have JESUS inside us, but have you considered how we tend to phrase things? We talk about inviting JESUS into our hearts and having the HOLY SPIRIT residing inside of us; giving our life to GOD, letting GOD have control of our lives, being broken, letting His Light shine in us…. We talk about things like our hearts breaking for JESUS, and then add Satan and demons to the mix.

Sounds a little scary to a 7 year old, don’t you think?

Casting Crowns sings JESUS, Friend of Sinners,

Let our hearts be led with Mercy, …. make our hearts break for what breaks Yours….
And I was the lost ’cause and I was the outcast
You died for sinners just like me, a grateful leper at Your feet

(Lyrics by Mark Hall and Matthew West)

Let our hearts break for the children who don’t understand the gospel as couched in adult terms. Pray for all of the teachers who work with our children, both in the school classroom and at church, and offer assistance whenever you see the need. Even those of us who have been the lost cause, the outcast, the societal ‘leper’ have a tremendous responsibility to share our stories – age appropriately, of course. Don’t refuse anyone based on their past; instead, listen to their story and see them where they are today. Whether the ‘child’ you are teaching is young in years or young in learning about the LORD, remember those words from tne song and let your heart break for the unsaved, no matter what age they are.

My prayer is that this all makes sense, and may be the catalyst for someone to open their eyes to the LORD and His call…..

Photo credit: Heaven Ministries

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