Why did I ever think “I” could do life on my own? Did I really believe that I was smart enough & strong enough?

I hate the idea of failure, but then, what IS failure? One definition is: “lack of success:
synonyms: lack of success, nonfulfillment
an unsuccessful person, enterprise, or thing. Synonyms: loser, underachiever, ne’er-do-well, disappointment…

These words all come from the enemy to erode away our self worth, and God disagrees! He created us in His image, and He created us to succeed, not to fail. It’s a constant battle to remember that I am NOT a failure in God’s eyes!

I am fabulously made. I am beautiful… doesn’t matter what the world says. I am a success in God’s eyes, and I am perfect in His sight under the healing, covering, and protection under Jesus’ blood!

“Give praise to the LORD. Give praise to God our Savior. He carries our heavy loads day after day. Selah” (Psalm 68:19)

Think on this. Let JESUS cover you today!

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