My Strength

“I can do ALL this through Him who gives me strength.” – Philippians 4:13 NIV (

No matter what I am facing, I can rely on the LORD. David faced lions and bears as a shepherd, and he faced a giant of a man whose stated goal was to kill David and devastate David’s nation. Noah faced crowds of jeering people for years as he built his ark. Joseph faced Pharaoh and spoke truth that should have gotten him killed; Daniel did the same to Nebuchadnezzar. He faced lions in a pit, and he was thrown into fire with his companions for not bowing to the king. Abraham was told to kill his son Issac and offer his body as a sacrifice. Job lost everything. The Apostles were hunted and killed.

God delivers us! No matter what is going on, no matter what we are facing in our lives, God is good. Sometimes it means that we lose our physical health, or even our lives, but look at the big picture. Regardless of what man can do to this shell, I belong to to the Most High God, King and Ruler of the entire universe. Whatever I suffer on earth will be more than compensated with an eternity with Jesus.

If you are worried and afraid, there is a way to contentment and peace. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves of Who is in control….. and I can promise it’s not me, and it’s not you. If justice and peace were left up to us – well, look at the world as we know it, and there’s the answer to how well we are doing! I am looking forward to the new heaven and the new earth that we have been promised when Jesus returns. That’s when life becomes good!


He’s reaching out for your hand. Are you going to take it?

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